Experience the limitless options of your digitalised workflow!

While IT applications are an important part of our daily life the development hasn’t really reached the synoptical research area – until now!
Our new toolset-area provides two different types of support for your research:

Phase 1: Enjoy the benefits of IT while doing what you’re used to!

We analysed the synoptical work flow together with NT research specialists and designed a toolset to specifically support every single step of the process itself. This alows you to do your research just the way you used to do it – while speeding it up, reseving clearer results and not having to worry about organizing them!

Phase 2: Up and beyong by using ALL the potential!

Supporting all the steps of a work process is nice – but not the best you can get! While analog research methods limit you to Pen&Paper we didn’t just anaylise the synoptical reseach process to support it – but rather to completely redesign it using latest technologie! KI based wordfield studies, 3D result graphics, animation based evaluation tools and way more wainting for you in this section!